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    The new app to create, use

    and share your storyboards

  • What is FrameIT ?

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    What is FrameIT ?

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  • The App

    What is FrameIT ?

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    Let your imagination do the job

    Just create your storyboards as you would do usually. Use whatever you prefer : FrameIT deals with it ! You can either draw on some paper and take pictures of your sketches or import the drawings made with your favorite edition software or even directly draw on your phone or tablet.

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    Everything in your pocket

    Once your storyboard are created you can start to use them, and here is all the purpose of FrameIT. No more pile of messy pieces of paper, no more big boards to have your storyboards on set : just the app which allows you to reorganize your storyboards and use them while shooting.

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    Team project has never been that easy​

    FrameIT is also a collaborative app. You may now share your storyboards with the rest of your team so that they'll know what is going on on the set ! The online system allows you to get prepared for the shooting and as a consequence to improve your efficiency (which means a smaller budget !) and also to add live modifications.

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